R&B Food RIBS with our BBQ sauce


It’s an art and a science that tastes amazing.

R&B Food is the most known pork RIBS brand in Croatia. With a legacy such as our R&B Food House of Ribs restaurant ( it is easy for our customers to know that when we say quality, we mean it.

R&B Food was the first brand that insisted on the specific cut of the pork ribs on Croatian market. Back in 2012, testing for the restaurant concept we have received the first batch of the Baby back ribs and have decided to open a restaurant based on grill. It had not been easy as Croats, when talking about grill have a completely different take on it – for decades we are talking about raw meat (čevapčići, pljeskavice, krmenadli..) quickly finished over the open fire. 

Our Mission

What we offered was different, by all standards. We offered parts of meat that have usually not been used on a grill in Croatia, we made it fall-off-the-bone soft and tender, finishing it only then over open fire. To finish the process – we covered it with a sweet and spicy BBQ sauce. Scandalous for Croats at the time.

We prevailed and slowly grew our customer base, fine tuning the production process along the way.

Within a few years meat industry saw what we offered them on the platter and pushed the product to any grill joint that would want it. There were new Spare Ribs meals popping up like rain everywhere, yet there was a problem – rarely anyone knew what to do with the cut. It had been grilled raw, cooked like the ham hock, smoked to the direness point and Sous Vided to the point of decay.

These fatal tries and errors only isolated our product as exceptional on the market. Our loyal customers as well as newcomers still feedback us with the surprising words that what they have eaten in The House of ribs was the best piece of BBQ meat they had ever eaten.

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R&B Food RIBS love getting hot on the grill

Our Product

We do not compromise the quality (we will never choose cheaper option over quality option). We are pricey but we deliver to meet the expectations. We love to leave you with the positive surprise – we are good at that!

Lucky for you, we decided to put our ready-to-grill R&B Food RIBS on the market. You can now buy R&B Food RIBS marinated and thermically processed to be finalised quickly over open fire. It is imperative that R&B Food RIBS are grilled on REAL fire! (not grilled on electric grill, not oven baked, not microwaved – you will not get what you expect since you decided to buy these ribs with a specific quality in mind.) 

R&B Food RIBS are prepared in a way that demands the final touch of fire – without the real fire the product will not excel to its full capacity.

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